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In Australia, one of the most significant cities is Sydney, which was founded in 1788. This city was named after the Minister of the British Colonies. In Sydney, the British authorities sent all the robbers and murderers. The famous attractions of Sydney are the Opera House, the Harbor Bridge and the great beaches. In Australia, the gambling business is treated fairly well. All gambling in Australia is legal. Gambling business depends on the decisions of the six states. According to the law, Australian gambling houses must give the client a portion of the lost money. If a player loses money in the slot machine, he will receive up to 85% of the lost amount back, and the casino will pay up to 90% of the money spent. Recently, interest in Australia has manifested itself in poker, which is played both in online establishments and in real gambling houses. Australians are very fond of poker, so there are many different groups of fans of this game, which open the organization. There is even an organization called “poker for the deaf”, which means that even people with disabilities love this game. One of the best Australian players is Joseph Hachem, who in 2005 became the champion of the WSOP competition. In 2009, Jeffrey Lisandro was added to the list of the best players, who received three WSOP awards at the same time. In Australia, various championships were constantly held, such as the Aussie Millions and the Poker Cup Australia. Residents of the continent are very fond of gambling, and on weekends they spend their free time in gambling houses. Players most often prefer video poker and slot machines. Video poker is increasingly gaining popularity. The level of competition held in Australia is constantly increasing, and in the near future it is planned to make Sydney or Melbourne the poker capital. The ongoing competitions attract kangaroos of poker players of different experiences to their homeland. Also on the territory of the continent the number of their professionals is increasing every year.