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If someone does not know, gambling in Australia is fully permitted by law, thus, Australians are considered the most gambling players in the whole world, bypassing even America. Where did gambling in Australia come from? And the first settlers brought them there, and since then, Australian gambling is considered their main entertainment. At first, the diversity of games was not so great, it was card games, and horse racing. But over time, in 1970, Australia was influenced by the European and Asian influences of gambling. As a result, casinos and slot machines were included in the list of gambling games. Also, the games were very popular in the Australian colonies. All convict convicts were also addicted to alcohol and sold alcohol to the colonies, the government began to fight it, but they didn’t pay attention to gambling at all. Time passed and gambling and their types became more and more in the country. As a result, in 1890, a tote appears. Undoubtedly, the excitement of people at times increased, and many deals began to be concluded. Just at that time, phones were invented, as a result, most players made bets on them that were not concluded at the episode where any sporting event took place, and all this began to cause a loss to the government in the form of taxes. Such bets were completely illegal, as a result of which the Agencies were later made on the sweepstakes, they were the ones who were watching the illegal underground rates in the country. That began to bring a positive income to the government as a tax. Nowadays, online casinos are gaining special popularity, for example, on sites, there are free admiral slot machines and other popular video slots, and there are many different games for every taste. Now, in the world of high technology, anyone can play from any place and anytime, the main thing is the presence of the Internet. The development of the online gaming industry is gaining success and popularity almost all over the world. Horse racing has become very popular in the country, and numerous large wagers have been made on them, but when casinos with slot machines got into the gambling market, some people simply didn’t actively produce wagers at the races, and their share began to fall sharply, since the casino came from America, everyone was very interested, and in 1990 most of the players switched to casinos and slot machines.