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The economy of many Asian countries is now booming. People earn more, and can already play in more casinos. Due to this, in Australian establishments an influx of tourist players is expected and, accordingly, an increase in income. The goal of Australia at the moment is not just to attract tourists. This country wants to become one of the leaders in international gambling. To this end, measures will be taken to expand the industry. For example, in the next five years, new casinos will start functioning. According to the well-known gambling portal such plans are a good sign, since in the Australian gambling business no competitors have been added since the casino Reef Hotel Casino was launched. And that was back in 1996. Current plans indicate that a potential has emerged that attracts investors, which means there will be development. However, in order for new projects to pay off and generate revenue, the Australian casino needs to aim at an audience outside the country. And the most obvious goal is wealthy Asian citizens, which every year becomes more. One of the scheduled casinos will be built by James Packer. He is investing $ 1.3 billion in the project. It will be a luxury hotel with a casino in one of the Sydney harbors. The Chinese companies will also pave the Australian road to world leadership. Two other planned casinos remain behind them. The preliminary cost of one of them is $ 8.2 billion, and the other is $ 7.5 billion. All new casinos will be resort-type. That is, it will be a resort area with an entertainment complex. This should attract foreign visitors. But Australia’s goal is not so easy, because the competitors are strong and also claim to be rich Asian players. Moreover, Japan, which will become the mistress of the Olympics 2020, plans to legalize gambling and build a number of casino complexes for the arrival of the guests. If this happens, then Australia will have an additional competitor. However, while Australian casinos tend to make optimistic forecasts and expect an increase in the number of foreign players.