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The continent of Australia is very contrasting and amazing. The almost primitive nature and ultramodern urban environment are in complete harmony with each other. In addition, Australia is one of the regions where the gambling industry is very developed. Many tourists are attracted by the opportunity to catch good luck in the game and at the same time have a great rest, having received unforgettable memories from this and become positive. It can bankrupt or make a rich man. By the way, slot machines are worth buying in this country if you plan to open a casino, since many tourists prefer such gambling. The gambling business in Australia and the surrounding island states is very developed and consists of a network of entertainment establishments with a gambling slant. The gambling industry is notable for its diversity – it is poker, and roulette, baccarat. There are about 30 thousand slots and 18 large casinos. Crown Enterteiment Complex, located in Melbourne, has at its disposal about 350 gambling tables and ranks first in the country among similar institutions. The rival is Star City, located in the central area of ​​Sydney. It also has a large number of gambling halls in which visitors can play any game of chance in the world. Jupiter casino, located on the picturesque island of BroadBeach on the territory of a luxury hotel, is very popular. Its guests can while away the time in modern gaming halls. Australia – a country surrounded by the ocean with a comfortable climate, thanks to this widespread gambling on the water. This idea attracts many tourists for its uniqueness. Most gambling establishments are located on comfortable motor ships, where visitors can enjoy not only roulette, card games, slot machines, but also the opportunity to get a beautiful tan and enjoy the fresh air. The most favorite game of chance in Australia and Oceania is banal poker. It is played in all casinos, and in all forms that exist in the world. Poker competitions are held at the level of international tournaments with the participation of a huge number of amateurs and professionals. In recent years, there has been a tendency to discover a variety of organizations one way or another connected with poker. For example, the organization of people with disabilities who adore this game is unique in the world.